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Organic, Organo-metallic, and Medicinal Chemistry

The participants suggested the following future collaborations:

  • Creation of instrument and resources directories.

  • Development of student and postdoctoral exchanges in laboratories across borders.

  • Sharing of technical materials.

  • Establishment of career development workshops, especially for the editing of proposals and manuscripts.


Science and Technology Education

The following proposals for future collaboration were introduced:

  • Translation of curricular materials for secondary school teachers into other local languages.

  • Creation of a web-based site for students to ask questions of chemists in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, or French.

  • Development of educational modules on chemical, biological, and nuclear safety and security.

  • Establishment of a chat box for teachers to examine critical and creative thinking, and informal scientific activities.

  • Expansion of computer-based programs to translate sign language for science for hearing-impaired students.


Environment, Air and Water Quality

  • A proposal titled: “Maintenance and Operation of Water Wells in  the Lower Jordan River Valley” is being written by a group of Palestinian and Israeli participants. 

Program Cover - Malta VII - 2015
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