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The opinions of the participants matter most. The general consensus among attendees at each of the Malta Conferences has been that the achievements of the meeting far exceeded all expectations, prompting participants to vote unanimously to hold another one in two years.

“I felt that we really created a community of people who enjoy being together and sharing ideas. For me, the education workshop, was very useful, and I dare to say, that this time I enjoyed it even better than during my last two conferences.” 

— Israeli Participant


“Thanks a lot for your kindness, care and hospitality and all you did and do for peace all over the world. My deep heart congratulation for you for the successful conference. Thank you for introducing new members in your conference, which increase our networking and good chance for more collaboration.” 

— Egyptian Participant


“Many thanks for all that you have done to make Malta V such a wonderful event full by success and happiness to such gathering from all the Middle East scientists. Congratulations and looking forward to seeing you in Malta VI.” 

— Saudi Arabian Participant

"It’s the first time for me and my friends from Iraq (that) we met Israel scientists and experts. I found them very friendly, kind and active. I think the conference was very important, but the more important was this opportunity that we met your people.” 

— Iraqi Participant


“Thank you very much for writing to me although you are always busy, working for more peace not only in Arab countries (Middle East) but for all the world.”

— Egyptian Participant


“Despite the preoccupation of our lives, I am glad that we have occasions like these, which gives us chance to reconnect and express our warmth for each other.” 

— Palestinian participant


“May we all have better times in our region. A dream starts with one little step. Let’s hope the Malta Conferences will inch eventually towards this step.” 

— Israeli Participant

A Nobel Laureate Participant Said...

“Our great Middle East Chemistry meeting in Istanbul was for me – an elderly ‘freshman’ – a thrilling experience. The unfailingly friendly and cooperative tone, the excellent presentations, from basic science to urgent local and regional problems; the enjoyable banquets with opportunities for informally meeting colleagues with very different backgrounds and perspectives – yet all of us united by our love of science and commitment to its use for the benefit of mankind. I was a postdoc at Bohr’s Institute for Atomic Physics in Copenhagen in the early 1950’s. From Niels Bohr, I learned not only many wonderful things about science as science, but also about the exceptional opportunity science offers to open up national, ethnic, political and religious boundaries. His own Institute was, and is, a very successful example of these principles as was, and is, the great European (but in fact international) Research Center for High Energy Particle Research (CERN) in Geneva, to whose establishment he was passionately committed. Malta seems to me to follow in the same great tradition. May it continue to go from strength to strength.”  - Walter Kohn, Nobel Laureate

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